CMD - Message

Sumant Sinha

Chairman and Managing Director,

ReNew Power

Few words from the CMD

In a bid to foster industry-academia collaboration, the ReNew Centre of Excellence for Energy and Environment is an initiative aimed at promoting research in the realm of clean energy, with support from IIT-Delhi and ReNew Power. The centre aims to be a world-class research and development facility, where with participation from academia and support from industry, cutting-edge renewable energy solutions can be developed.

The centre is running research projects ranging from developing bi-directional charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, strategies for grid strengthening using Automatic Demand Response mechanisms to flexibility assessment and enhancement for strengthening the grid for large scale renewable integration. There are also unique upcoming projects dealing with long-term natural resource forecasting for investment decisions in renewables and LIDAR-validated large-scale CFD models to simulate and optimize wind farm operations. The centre is working on a wide-array of research projects with practical on-ground ramifications.

The centre aims to be a platform for exchange of ideas between industry, academia and policy-makers, and these ideas, when they come to fruition can significantly improve the technological scenario in the renewable energy sector. The centre also offers internships and research programs for undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral students, fortifying the influence of academia on the operations of the centre.

The ReNew Centre of Excellence for Energy and Environment also ensures that after the completion of research projects, the findings of the research are developed into advocacy papers and reports which are not only published in prominent publications, but also serve as blueprints for change on actual renewable energy policy matters for the government of India and multilateral organizations. The centre also aims to promote women entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector, thus paving the way for gender parity in STEM by creating a virtuous cycle.

In the past, the centre has organized several Sustainability Leadership Dialogues and Awards to initiate dialogue on strengthening industry-academia collaboration for sustainability, as well as recognize exemplary student leadership in sustainability. Recently, we hosted senior experts and officials in a webinar on the need for Storage technologies to reach target 450 GW.

As we move forward, the scope of activities, research and events organized under the centre are set to increase, making it a nerve centre of innovation and cutting-edge research in clean energy and sustainability. I am confident that this centre will play an integral role, despite being in its nascent stage, in fostering innovations in the renewable energy sector and strengthen the role of industry-academia collaboration in clean energy research and development, for a sustainable future.